Christmas Party 2018

Christmas Party 2018

Our group’s Christmas party went very well and everyone enjoyed themselves very much.

Tiger MaskLandscape PaintingBlowing out CandlesIn photos above, our member is wearing his mask that he made in the art group. He likes to wear it to express his feelings/thoughts when he sings and dances to the song Tiger Feet. In the right photo, our member is showing a landscape picture he completed in our art group. He is making very good progress with his chosen subject. It was also his birthday on 21st December. His picture was framed to give him at the party for his birthday. He was very pleased with it , and was going to hang it up at home. We also had a birthday cake , in photo on the left, our member is blowing out his candles.

Birthday GiftWe had another birthday to celebrate too at the party. It was one of our volunteer’s. In photo 1985, we can see another member presented the gift to John. It is a shield made of wood. Our member in the photo had carefully painted it, and kept it as a surprise until that day. John was quite moved by the present and the work that had gone into it. The shield has the cross of Malta on it, which is an order that John is connected to, so it had great meaning to him.

Santa AppearsOur members had a visit from Father Christmas in photos above and we can see how pleased one member was to see Father Christmas, and spent time talking to him. In photos below, other members clearly enjoying meeting him and receiving a gift.

Santa give presentsIn the left photo below, a member was giving her Christmas list to Father Christmas and was talking about things on her list that she would like. This was lovely to see her confidence, as she was new to our group, and she felt happy and comfortable in the environment. Below on the right, our member whose birthday it was, is happy meeting Father Christmas and having a present from him. Christmas List to SantaBirthday present from Santa

A Town Sound Choir memberIn the left photo, we had a visitor from the choir A Town Sound, who raised a donation of £250 for Uniquely Me & U from the December concert. Jonathan likes to visit our group, and enjoys helping everyone to have a happy time.

Singing a Christmas songOn the right photo, members are singing a Christmas song together. Jonathan (A Town Sound choir member) and Chris (a keyboard/piano teacher who is helping our music group to play the keyboard) are enjoying singing along with one of our member in the photo below. Singing their hearts awayChris held a concert at Middleton Hall on 2nd December 2018, and raised just over £400 for Uniquely Me & U. Chris is also going to get more involved in our Music Express group on Friday’s. He can see how music and playing a keyboard is helping our members to enjoy music too.

More party photos below:
Members performing

Uniquely Me & U has had a very busy and enjoyable year, and looking forward to 2019. We are seeing the progress and positive outcomes the group is having for our members. It is also creating new ideas/ways to move forward, and further develop Uniquely Me & U. Helping our members to progress at their own pace, and encouraging their hidden talents/skills, and to develop in their social/friendship building in a small/friendly environment.

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