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Pirate Ship

Our art group have been preparing for their exhibition on November 2018, and have created a variety of art to display.

An ocean pictureIn the photo above – a pirate ship. This member has used a ruler to get the lines straight, as you can see in the picture. He is learning perspective and deciding the best way to achieve it. This is showing his confidence and decision making skills.

Photo on the right is an ocean picture done by our member who likes animals/fish. She has traced the picture herself and chosen the colours.

tracing dinosaursOn the left, the member is tracing dinosaurs from a pack of cards she bought on her on day out in July. The group went to the Great Central Railway to celebrate the birthday of our member who likes trains. She was delighted to have found the cards and is working her way through drawing them all.

Painting FireworksPainting Fireworks

In the two photos above, our member who likes trains is doing a painting of fireworks. He doesn’t like the noise of fireworks, but likes the colours. As firework season is approaching, and he can get quite stressed. By painting a picture of them, helps to talk about the colours/noise and enable him to cope. This is good progress for this member, as he has never chosen to do fireworks before. Our art group is encouraging members to express their feelings/thoughts through art, and is having positive outcomes.

Painting dinosaursOn the left are some of the dinosaurs from the pack of cards our member is completing. Also shown below.
Painting dinosaursPainting dinosaurs

Our member who has eyesight difficulties, has drawn and painted this picture below. He likes landscapes, boat scenes. He is making wonderful progress with his drawing and perspective skills.
TracingIn the photo on the right, the member is very pleased with her picture she has managed to trace herself. A skill she had never tried before. Her hand and eye coordination are improving.

Our member who like drawing/painting animals, is completing some for the large circus theme canvas that the group themselves chose to do for the exhibitions shown below.










As I have mentioned how art is helping our members to express their thoughts/feelings, in photos below. This member has chosen to do something he saw as a very young child. He saw a magician at his sister’s birthday party. This is very interesting , as at the time he did not seem to show any joy/happiness at the magician. He was very fearful/stressed when two white rabbits and two white doves were brought out. Now he understands more about a magician, can talk of that experience through his art. This is wonderful progress.

Drawing Magic

Drawing Magic

Drawing Magic

In photos below Our member who likes drawing landscapes, has chosen a picture from a book of American scenes. He has completed a lovely picture using water coloured pencils. He has also got the shadow effect, which again is showing how he is improving.
Painting LandscapePainting Landscape

Finger PaintingFinger PaintingIn photos on the left, this member is using her fingers to spread the paint instead of using a brush. It was her own idea, and she is enjoying trying different ways to mix/shade her colours.

Bird DrawingBird Drawing

Another lovely drawing done by our member with eyesight difficulties. He has drawn it himself and used water coloured pencils to finish it. This is shown on the right.

In the first photo below, a bright and colourful painting being done by our member who likes drawing/painting animals. On the similar theme, the second and third photos below, another member was painting a mask that he was going to wear in the musical show. He was singing a song called Tiger Feet, and decided himself to paint the mask to look like a tiger.

Bright Painting

Tiger Mask

Tiger Mask

The circus theme our group members are creating can be seen in the photo below.
Circus Theme
You can see how the circus scene is being built up to look like people inside the circus tent, before the animals are put on. This method is called Impressionism. It means not too much detail. When you look at the canvas from a distance , it will look like a crowd of people.
Trace Colour StoriesAnother of our members likes Disney characters, and has a box of cards she wants to trace/colour to make up different stories. Trace Colour Stories
Another landscape by our member with eyesight problems had him getting the perspective of the house and trees in the background, as they are further away.

All our members are making progress in their different skills. Their confidence and social skills are helping them to explore art, and the variety of ways they can choose to express themselves, which is a positive outcome from having the opportunity.

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