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Our art group have finished their contribution towards Tamworth’s 1100th anniversary celebrations of Athelflaed. The large ‘mosaic’ that a number of groups have helped to complete, will be on display in the castle grounds on July 14th 2018. Our contribution is shown below:

Banner Complete

Click on banner to enlarge

Our sponsors M6Toll who have been supporting us into our second year, came to visit us in March to see our display. We also, had a surprise for our sponsors, to show our appreciation for their help. The group with help, completed a life size of the M6Toll mascot. Members had contributed to painting it. They also did smaller mascots too. See photos

M6Toll Mascot

Teapot SketchHaving finished the display art, our members started creating new ideas. Photo on the left. This member who enjoys detailed pictures, has decided on doing a Tea Pot. The following photos show painting and the finished artwork.

painting teapotfinished teapot

flower in glassAnother person was drawing/painting a flower in a glass shown in the photo on the right.

dinosaur transferOur member who likes dinosaurs, is happy to show the group a dinosaur transfer she had put on her arm.

The member who likes Egyptian art, is starting to paint his wood carving of Egyptian eyes.
egyptian eyes

We have a member who has eyesight problems, but is making progress. In Photos below, he is drawing a bridge, and learning to shade in colours.
drawing a bridge
Selection of photos of group art—

Art Selection


In Photo 1160,our member is progressing with his hand/eye coordination skills, with the help of the magnifying glass. He is trying drawings that need more concentration. In Photo 1162, our member who enjoys drawing dinosaurs, is working very hard on a detailed fossil.

using magnifier1160 drawing dinosaur 1162

black country museumThe member that likes trains and Egyptian art, has drawn a picture from the Black Country Living Museum. He does like to draw/paint scenes and places he has visited, and what he remembers from his visits. In these photos

(click to see)

, he is drawing a painting of Gloucester Docks.


In Photos below the member who likes Disney art, is trying something different, and is pleased at finishing her painting of a duck.
duck painting

Over the weeks we are introducing the use of drawing instruments to help members explore other ways of building up picture. In Photos below the person is drawing different shapes and begins painting the shapes.
drawing shapes

Another members tries using the instruments to draw a Disney castle in photos below. They are learning to see how shapes, when joined together, can form pictures. This idea was received very well, and we will continue to develop the use of drawing instruments.
using drawing aids

In Photos

(click here)

, members decided to draw eyes. This is showing how they are growing in confidence. When we first tried this idea some time ago, members struggled to make eye contact with one another. This is the difficulties they can have due to their sensory disabilities. Now they are choosing to draw eyes themselves.

Another selection of group art photos click here to see


Our art group had another surprise visitor from the Ethelfelda Lodge of Freemason. The group was presented with a cheque for £200 shown below. The much appreciated donation can be used for both art and music group.
Mason's Cheque

Our member who likes trains and Egyptian art, was given the opportunity to contribute to an art exhibition by the Skeletons, Stories and Social Bodies Society at the second annual conference, which was held at the University of Southampton. The subject completed by our member, was a skull. See photo below. This subject was very different to what he usually paints, but he enjoyed doing a skull.

Skull at UniSkeletons, Stories and Social Bodies Society (  had the display on their website. The organisation SSSB has contacted us and we have changed the above wording to comply with their copyright requirements. See photo on the right.

It has given the group an idea to introduce in the coming sessions, to work on drawing/painting a skeleton. Starting with one part at a time and building up to a complete skeleton.

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