Art Group – February 2018

Circus train 2

Our art group have been busy preparing our contribution towards Tamworth’s 1100th celebrations of Athelflaed.

An art project being completed by voluntary groups in Tamworth and will be displayed in the castle grounds on July 14th 2018.

It is the groups own design and includes flowers being drawn and painted by our members, with our group name:

Athelflaed Project 898Athelflaed Project 917

Some are put onto the display board in these photos: click here to see them

Our member who enjoys wood carving and painting his items at our art group, is starting to paint his Egyptian Eye. Click on the image on the right to see all the photos.

Another member of our group who has eyesight problems, has now been able to enjoy his art with the help of a magnifier enlarging his pictures:

With magnifier 1With magnifier 2


Magnifier 3We also introduced the aid of a magnifying glass, which helped him greatly. He now enjoys completing his pictures by himself which is giving him a sense of achievement. Click the image on the right to see all the pictures:

This member has had sight problems over a number of years. Before the deterioration, he did some wonderful tapestry work:

Tapestry 3Tapestry 2Tapestry 1

We have other members with sight difficulties and the group has purchased another design of magnifying glass to help them enjoy being part of the group, helping them to see and complete their own art.

Drawing Dinosaur 2A member who coped very well on our Open Day in 2017, has been gaining in confidence. She is talking more within the group, and in social skills. She making progress in her hand/eye co-ordination, and choosing more detailed pictures. Click on the image on the right to see the photos. As she likes animals and was very excited at doing a large painting of a dinosaur. First by tracing it from the picture, and then transferring it onto a canvas. It did take time and concentration, as there was a lot of detail. Our member put so much effort into getting it right, and was so pleased with the outcome. She enjoyed mixing her own colours with the paints, and is going to try using pastel pencils and shading colours with a wet brush. After being shown a new idea, she was happy to try it.

another dinosaur 1another dinosaur 2

Our member who likes trains, also did a dinosaur seen in the photos above. This was quite a change for him to try something different, after seeing another member doing one. They had been socializing and looking at each other’s painting/drawing and both decided to do a painting of a large dinosaur. This is progress, as they were working together on their idea, and being part of a team. This is what our group encourages.



Another member decided to draw and use pencil colours for his own landscape as seen on the left. He is choosing different ideas now, and whether to use paints or pencils.


Those members who like drawing/painting flowers have completed some to be cut out and put onto our art boards for the display in July 2018. 1100th celebrations of Athelflaed. Click here for photos.

In below our member doing his painting of a car. He likes buses and cars and cats. Choosing each week what he wants to do. He is also showing a very colourful picture he’s painted.

Painting CarColourful Painting


Click on the image below for some finished art done by the members. They are starting to mix colours that they want to see, which is showing that they are thinking about their pictures and how they want it to be completed.

Click Image for more

Click Me

Our member who like trains, chose to paint a circus tent with a train. An American Circus Railroad train. He enjoyed drawing and painting it himself. See below:

Circus train 1Circus train 2

After showing it to the group, they all liked it so much, and came up with a wonderful idea of doing a large group painting of a circus. They could all draw their own animals, trains, or whatever they would like to see on their circus picture. This is going to be a great opportunity for them all to contribute and work together as a team. They were very excited, and looking forward to starting it soon.

Our members are improving in their hand/eye co-ordination skills within our group, which is a happy friendly and safe environment. They are forming friendships and able to express themselves through their art, and bringing new ideas they want to try. This is the outcome of having this rare opportunity in a very supportive environment and it is making a difference to their life quality many ways.

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