Art Update – December-February 2019

Our art group have been enjoying learning new art forms that Laura, our art student doing work experience has been showing members.

Portrait painting 1
Finished portrait

Still encouraging our members to make eye contact with each other. Laura has been moving on to faces. Photo 2124, this member is drawing and colouring the face of a person in the group. Working with Laura, who was asking him about the face he was drawing, and the colours chosen. In the finished picture, photo 2126, our member is pleased with what he has completed. The expression on the face, and the way he has drawn the eyebrows.

Laura's Drawing of Face

The face is of our volunteer, and Laura did a sketch too, which is a very good likeness of him as seen in 2125. In photo 2127,our member who has eyesight problems, chose to draw a face from his book. It was an excellent picture, and he felt a sense of achievement , as he had never tried to faces before. By encouraging our members to try different forms of art is helping them to develop their skills.

Portrait by another member


In photo2123, this member decided to draw and colour faces of film characters she likes. Laura has been trying and encouraging her to draw a face of a group member, she chose not to. She does have difficulties with drawing eyes or faces.
Happy memories


In photo 2129,is a picture of a happy memory, by our member, who also put the year on it. Laura has been working with him, and talking about different years and experiences he remembers. In photos 2131,2132, this member who likes to draw animals, is painting a completely new subject. This was very good progress, as she is moving on from just doing animals, and is happy to try something ‘new’. She has used bright colours.
Faries and unicorn
Faries and unicorn finished

Another art form Laura introduced, was drawing rooftops. Talking with members about looking at buildings and houses from above. A different perspective. Photos 2134,2137.

Drawing Rooftops
Rooftops finished

In photos 2138,2140. These members were doing a tracing of a Chinese dragon. They also found the word for dragon in Chinese on the computer, and copied the drawing to put on the picture.

Chinese Dragon
Chinese Dragon

The completed pictures are very colourful, Photos 2141,2150. This subject was chosen by the members, and it was wonderful to see the group talking about the country. What foods they eat, and members discussing foods they like and dislike, and countries they had visited themselves.

Dragon close-up finished
another finished dragon

Our member who does wood carving, and likes to bring in to the art group his finished items to paint. In photos 2139,2142,2146,2147. He is painting his bird box and lighthouse. Again, it is helping interaction between members to talk to each other, which is improving their social and communication skills.

painted woodwork

Another art form Laura introduced to the group was a Colour Wheel. Photos 2144,2145,2148,2149. Our member is enjoying doing the Colour Wheel, and chose to draw round a plate himself. Laura was helping him to divide the circle into 12 parts.

drawing a colour wheel
He is very pleased at having completed the Colour Wheel, Photos 2151,2152. He wrote on the colours, and what  colours are Primary, Secondary and Tertiary.

completed colour wheel
colour wheel close-up

Our member who has eyesight problems is starting to draw a picture from his own imagination. This is wonderful progress. He is making choices and decisions, and now creating his own ideas. Photo 2154. In photo 2156, another colourful picture of a Chinese dragon done by our member who has been encouraged to try a new subject from his trains. Having done so, he feels happy that he has tried something other members were doing too.

from imagination
dragon picture

Another Colour Wheel done by our member who likes to use dark colours. Photos 2157,2160. By doing the Colour Wheel has helped her to see different colours of light and dark, which we are helping her to explore.

opening to colours
close-up colour wheel
sand, sea and sky


In photo 2158, this picture of a seaside scene was done by our member who likes to draw trains. After completing the Colour Wheel and dividing it onto parts, this member divided his seaside picture into 3 parts. The sea, sand, and sky. This was very interesting, as he hadn’t done that before. This is something we are going to be bringing into art, and it may be another way of developing members when deciding to build up scenes and landscapes.

Each week our group are learning different art forms. By having the opportunity to explore a variety of methods, is helping members to develop their self expression and communication skills. They are working as a team, which is having positive outcomes.

Another ‘new’ idea we are going to introduce is, trying art by using a computer. there are many art choices to try, and It will be an opportunity to bring in the use of technology, and being able to print out a picture they complete.

Uniquely Me & U, is continuing to explore new ideas and methods of art, and confident that bringing in the use of visual aids, will bring out their talents in a variety ways, at their own pace.

Our group members and volunteers are learning from each other, and developing along with the progression everyone is making. This is the positive outcomes from being a small group, and being able to devote the time to members.

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