August 2017 Music News

Three Musicians

We have had an enjoyable time at our music group preparing for the performance in September.
In photo (0212), the member was trying out the violin. After a while he was playing the instrument and joining another member singing in photo(0213)(0214). Also, he was playing the guitar as in photo (0215).

Violin, Learning

0212 – Violin, Learning

Violin, Trying Out

0213 – Violin, Trying Out



Violin, getting good

0214 – Violin, getting good

Guitar, performing

0215 – Guitar, performing











We have quite a selection of instruments, which enables a choice for the members to find out what they like playing.

This month we decided to video members singing, if they were happy about this, which they were. In the video Wonderful World. Our member has chosen the song and is following the lyrics. He has sang the song many times at the group. He puts feeling into the song and is relaxed whilst singing on his own.
When this video was shown to the member after doing it. He was very interested and quite happy watching himself singing. This is a very important step forward. Being autistic, he has found it very difficult to look at photos of himself. He has only started by using a camera, and taking photographs of trains/boats and things he had an interest in.

In the video Power of Love. The song chosen himself. This member is not singing to lyrics. He has listened to the song and is remembering the words. This shows how much effort he has been putting in at home, to come and sing on his own. Even though some have reading difficulties, they try very hard to remember their songs, and feel a sense of achievement having done so.

In the video Runaway. We are encouraging members to sing together. To give support and encouragement to each other. Also, to feel part of a team/group.

In the video Crazy. Again, by having another person join in and supporting .It is helping their confidence. Introducing the electric drums, shows how different sound effects can be made. It can be clearly seen how much it is enjoyed by the member singing.

In the video Man In The Moon. The member chose to use the guitar for this song. He has listened to this song many times, so he hasn’t any lyrics. He is remembering and able to do some actions to the song too. Again, he is very happy and relaxed.

In the video I Got You Babe. Encouraging team/group confidence, and including other instruments. The members enjoyed singing together.

In the video Final Countdown. You can see how much expression and effort that is going into singing, and how much enjoyment in doing so.

By videoing some songs and showing them to the members, is helping them to see what they look and sound like.

It has taken time encouraging them to sing together. As people with autism and sensory issues can find it difficult when other people are too near their ‘space’.
These small steps our members are making is very positive progress that is coming from this opportunity to be themselves.

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