Christmas Party 2019

On December 19th we had our Christmas party. It was very special as we were joined by Cathy Morris. The wonderful singer who came to the birthday party in July for our members Jonathan’s celebrations.

Everyone enjoys singing with Cathy, and she makes our members feel very happy and confident to join in. We asked her July would she come again for our Christmas party, which she was happy to do.

The room was very colourful with the art created by our members. Click an image to enlarge it.

We have a new volunteer Helen, who has been with us a few weeks now. She was confident and happy to get up and sing along with Cathy and Jonathan. She also enjoys playing the keyboard.

Jonathan who enjoys singing with Cathy, was trying new songs. He was putting a lot of effort to follow the lyrics on her tablet, and to sing as best he could. This is showing the progress in his confidence and communication skills.

We also had our keyboards for members to play the tunes they have been learning. On some songs, Cathy was accompanied by Chris of Chris keys Piano, who supports Uniquely Me & U, and is helping members who want to play the keyboard.

The party atmosphere was very happy and lively. Those members that usually come to our art group on Tuesdays, were joining in singing along with the Christmas songs too. Although, it was ‘different’ for them, they were feeling relaxed and confident to join in, which was a positive outcome in how they are developing at their own pace, being part of Uniquely Me & U.

It was also a birthday for our art member Chris. We sang Happy Birthday to him whilst he blew out the candles on his cake. Jonathan and Helen played it on the keyboard for him. In the left photo, he decided he would like to try and play the keyboard. Which was a very positive step forward for him.

Again, it is all at their own pace with encouragement.

Towards the end of the party, Jonathan gave Cathy a present he made at wood carving as he goodbye to her .

There is a couple of wonderful videos of the Christmas party, and they show how happy members are. Click image below to watch on YouTube.

Uniquely Me & U is giving them the opportunity to enjoy music, singing and playing different instruments, that helps with confidence, friendship building and communication skills.

It is on occasions like Christmas/birthday parties, art displays and musical shows, that we have had, which brings out all the progress being made over time through Uniquely Me & U.

We would like to thank Cathy, and look forward to seeing her again in 2020.

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