Concert at Middleton Hall

Taking Applause

December 2nd 2018

Chris Keys Piano and Keyboard held a concert as they do every year for charity.

This year they chose Uniquely Me and U to donate to.

The concert was a very enjoyable experience. Seeing such amazing talent  the children displayed was wonderful.

Chris, who has been helping my son for 18 months now to play keyboard. Gave him the opportunity to take part in the concert to show everyone the progress my son has been making. The audience were very supportive, which helped my son settle to lots of new people around him and a different environment.

Uniquely Me and U would like to thank everyone that took part, and for the much appreciated funds raised, which was just over £400.

Chrisis going to get more involved in our group in the new year. As he is learning and enjoying working with adults with learning disabilities, helping them to play keyboard whilst having fun.

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