End Quarter of 2017 – Art Group

Painting Arm 4

Since our Open Day in September, we have had several new members join the art group.

They were introduced to drawing, using pencils and stencils, to help them with their hand/eye co-ordination.
After a numbers of sessions they had the opportunity to work with clay. The type of clay which was more suitable for our members, was a fast drying clay. This also helped, as they didn’t have to wait too long before painting what they had made.
Using the clay was helping with their dexterity and experiencing a different tactile feel. As some of our members have difficulty with this issue. Using the clay was encouraging them to explore the feel of the clay and moulding and rolling it out. Then choosing what they wanted to make/mould it into.
They enjoyed making a variety of items, as we can see in the photos by clicking here: clay models.

Another member who has difficulty lifting her hand/arm, likes to paint flowers. It does take her a while to complete her art, but she is so pleased at her finished picture. As we can see in photos: painting with arm. She is making good progress.

In the first photo below, another of our new members has drawn an owl and painted it, which is a good achievement as he has eye sight problems.
The next photo another bright and colourful painting of flowers. And the last photo is a tiger completed by our member who likes drawing/painting animals.
three photos

Our new members have improved in their hand/eye co-ordination skills and are now able to draw pictures of their choice.
This has helped their confidence and social skills in the group. They now enjoy showing each other their art and are encouraging one another. See photos: confident members.

In November, for Remembrance Day, our members chose to draw/paint poppies to display at our local library. One of our members also painted another picture for the display. See belowpicture at library

The members were helped drawing round stencils of poppies and then painting them. They all managed to do a poppy, and put a great deal of effort into staying within the picture lines. This is showing how over the months their co-ordination is improving and giving them a sense of satisfaction. Also, they are part of the community and contributing their art for display. See photos: poppy paintings .

As our members are gaining different skills, their choice of paintings are becoming varied. They are expressing themselves through their choice of art, which is having such positive outcomes.

New Directions
In the first photo above, another colourful painting completed by our member who has hand/arm difficulties. In the next photo, a picture of a vase. Again, our members exploring new paintings as they are gaining confidence. This member is improving in her hand/eye skills and can now try more detailed pictures, which she would not have tried before.

Here is a variety of art completed by the group and showing their skills: Showing skills.

Another member who likes pottery, brought to the group a train he had made to finish painting it. See photos: pottery train.

Below is another variety of a vase, and the artist is choosing the colours herself.
Vase Painting
In December we were preparing for Christmas. There were different ideas of art being painted which shows some hard boiled eggs that have been decorated along with some Christmas tree decorations: Christmas decorations.

The RocketOne member who likes wood carving has brought some examples of his work to paint. See photos: wood carvings. He is starting to paint the Egyptian Tutankhamun Mask, and a train called the Rocket. The first train designed by George Stephenson.
Leopard Painting
Our member who likes to draw/paint animals has completed this lovely picture below.

In photos various members art, a selection of art done by the members of the group.
We have the finished painted wood carving of the Egyptian Mask finished mask.

Over the months our art group has completed a wide range of art, all of their choice. They are making progress in their art skills and social skills, friendship building.

In 2018 our art group are contributing to the forthcoming event of Tamworth’s 1100th Anniversary of Aethelfleda – more details here.

Our sponsor M6Toll have kindly made a donation to our art group that will help us complete our chosen idea to be part of the art done by various groups that will be on display in the Castle grounds on July 14th 2018.

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  1. A very friendly relaxed group giving so many people the opportunity to practice their art skills in a supportive environnment.
    The results are testament to that.

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