June 2017 Update – Musical Fun

J playing drumsJ playing drums 2 Electronic Drums

Our group have enjoying a number of different musical instruments that we purchased. Our members have trying out a set of electronic drums in the above photographs. They are very light and easy to move about, which means our wheelchair users can also have the opportunity to play them because they can sit on a table top. The drums make lots of different sounds, and our members are having fun exploring the range of sounds they like playing to their favourite songs.
We have a keyboard, guitar, violin and some bongo drums which gives everyone a choice of instruments, so they can all be part of the group, and build in confidence to explore different instruments.

music instruments 1music instruments 2Bongo Drums
Also, we have some smaller instruments shown above. All of them make a range of sounds, and more importantly, to help with dexterity and sensory issues. The instruments made of wood, metal have different texture/feel, smooth and hard/rough, this again gives our members to try a variety of objects that can be easily held in one hand or two hands to makes sounds they like, and produce some wonderful fun music, which everyone enjoys. The instruments are again light, colourful and easy to move about the group, allowing members to share and swap, and developing their social skills and encouraging each other and having fun making music of their choice, and expressing themselves in an activity they very much enjoy.

It is our intention to put on a performance in September 2107, and our group are excited about doing it, and are working/planning and practising their songs/dance or playing a musical instrument of their choice, to show their wonderful talent and team work they are developing.

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