Last Quarter 2017 – Music Group

Christmas Music

Since our Open Day in September we have new members to join us. They have settled in enjoying singing and dancing to their favourite songs.

In the short time our new members have joined us, they have grown in confidence and their social skills. We have a member who has difficulty standing/walking and needs the use of a walking frame, can now for a few minutes at a time, whilst supported get up and dance. This has helped her confidence greatly, as she feels part of the group and doesn’t have to sit out. Another of the new members who was very reluctant to join in, is now looking forward to dancing and is getting up and singing her own songs with her support worker not needing to prompt her so much.

This is real progress for the members and all of the group as different choices of music are being introduced and the members encourage each other.

We had our Christmas party on 21st December, when our art group members joined our music group members. It went amazingly well. As we can see in the photos: click for photos.
singing trio
In photo (right), some of our members joining in together to sing.

In these enjoying dancing photos, one of our art members is dancing. This was a very special moment and unexpected, as he very quiet in art group. It did take some encouraging to see if he wanted to try and dance. Once he was up he really enjoyed himself and surprised everyone.

choosing a songIn photo (left), one of our music members choosing a song to sing.

To finish off our party , we had a visit from Santa. Everyone was happy to meet him and have a present to take home. We can see in photos that Santa is busy.

It was a wonderful end to our year. We are looking forward to an exciting 2018, when our music group are planning a performance.

This opportunity has only been possible due to the very kind donations of our sponsors, and hope we can continue in the future.

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