Laura December-February 2019

Laura has been continuing helping our members with drawing faces. This has followed on from working on eyes, encouraging members to make eye contact with each other. By moving onto faces, Laura has been helping members to work as a group, and draw a face of another member. This was developing their social interaction skills, and to show how they see faces, which is very important in understanding people with autism and learning disabilities.

drawing face

2124 and 2126

Drawing Face


In photos 2124, 2126, our member chose to draw the face of one of our volunteers who sat on the opposite side of the room. Our member enjoyed drawing and colouring how he saw the person, and the expression he put on the face. In photo 2125, Laura drew the face of the person too.


Draw from book


draw from memory


In photo 2127, another member drew a face from a book. As he has eyesight problems, he would find it difficult to see a face from short distance. He did manage to copy a wonderful picture.

In photo 2123, this member wanted to draw character faces she knows. She did not want to draw anyone in the group.


Laura has been making a valuable contribution to the group, and is bringing ideas that members enjoy trying, and will go on to help them over time to develop their skills.

drawing roofs

2134 and 2136

completed roofs


In photos 2134, 2136. This member is learning how to draw rooftops. Laura encouraged him to try something different from his favourite subject of trains. He was using a ruler to measure the lines, making sure they were straight. Then using watercolour pens to complete his picture, photo 2137.
colour wheel


Another new idea Laura showed the group was a Colour Wheel. Photos 2144, 2145. Learning about how colours can be mixed to make other colours. In photo 2149, 2151, Laura showed our member how to divide the circle, which he drew round a plate, and colour in 12 different colours that make up the Colour Wheel.
member's colour wheel

2149 and 2151

completed colour wheel


They are Primary, Secondary and Tertiary. Photo 2152.

Another member enjoyed doing a Colour Wheel, photo 2157. This was very good progress for this member, as she only likes to use dark colours, and did need encouragement to try doing the wheel. She did finish it, photo 2160. Laura was showing her the range of colours, as well as the dark colours that this member likes to use.
another colour wheel

Happy time drawing


Laura was also working with members drawing a picture from a given year of their choice. In photo 2129, our member drew an experience he enjoyed, and put the year he did it. it was a happy memory, as we can see from the expression he put on the face.

Laura can understand how important art is, and how it is helping members to express themselves, and by working on faces, and facial expressions, can help those people who can’t do so verbally. With having living experience, our members enjoy Laura’s relaxed, calm attitude, and makes the sessions fun whilst having a positive outcome in their confidence and social skills, and improving their art skills.