Music Express May – July 2019


Our Music Express group is moving forward in a very positive way.

The introduction of drawing their own pictures that they can relate to their songs, is being enjoyed very much by members, and is helping in their self expression. Photos 2586,2587,2640,2642,2650,2690,2691. Click on photos to enlarge

We are continuing to encourage this connection between their songs and creating their own interpretation in their art.

In our previous blog we mentioned how well the introduction of the camera and screen had been accepted by our members.

We have been encouraging members to look at the camera and screen, or ‘television’ as they relate to it as. It is helping them to become more confidant, as they see themselves singing. Photos 2594,2595,2596,2599.

Another idea we are working towards, is getting members to introduce their songs. This will improve their speech.

In photos 2597,2608 below. This member is saying his name into the camera, and what tune he is going to play on the keyboard. Again, another way of encouraging his communication skills, and building his confidence.

Our member who has been very wary of the camera, is being helped to sing a little and look at the screen. Photos 2582,2583,2584 above.

As their confidence is growing, we can see how they using expressions and actions changing as they sing. Photos 2579,2586,2601.

Another of our members who is becoming very confident with looking at himself, is also improving in his speech when singing. Photos 2591,2631,2637. His enthusiasm to play other musical instruments is bringing out his talents. He has shown a great interest in the keyboard. Photos 2814,2815,2822,2823,2824,2825.

Our other member who is doing very well at playing the keyboard, is helping another member to play tunes they know. Photos 2877,2878,2879 below. This is wonderful teamwork.

In photos 2785,2787,2788,2780,2781,2782 below. We can see how this member is putting feelings into his expressions and actions while looking at himself on the ‘television’. He can see what he is doing and how is actions can change to express his feelings.

This is showing the positive outcomes that seeing themselves on the screen is having. Photos 2575,2699,2790 above.

We are always looking at different ideas to encourage our members. What we are going to try, is get them to sing along together. Photos 2948,2950 below. This will help the one who are less confident to sing on their own and also, as a group.

Using actions to their songs is encouraged as much as possible. Photos 2936,2952,2963 above.

Uniquely Me & U are striving to help members reach their potential, and bring out their hidden talents. To be able to enjoy music in a variety of ways and expressing themselves.

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