Music Express – Dec 2018 to Feb 2019

driving 1


Our musical express group has been developing gradually over the weeks, and members are enjoying themselves. The idea of expression through actions is having positive outcomes. Photos 2049,2051,2056.

driving 3
driving 2

In photo2115, this member who liked the electric drums, is now wanting to join expressions and actions. This is wonderful progress, as he has communication difficulties. His confidence skills are improving. Photo2116.

new driver!
Two drivers now

While continuing to encourage expressions and actions, another new idea has been formed. We are introducing slowly, to further develop their self expression. By using pictures of their choice, that relates to their songs, as props.

driving with picture 1
driving with picture 2

In photos 2165,2166. Our member who likes doing the actions of driving a racing car. Was happy to put the picture of a car on the table. As in photo 2167. He is doing the actions of playing a trumpet to Strangers On The Shore. Another picture that relates to his song photo 2162, Thunderball.

miming trumpet playing
miming thunderball

This new idea has been accepted , which is again wonderful progress. As it can be very difficult to introduce anything ‘new’ to people with autism and learning disabilities. When this member chose from a selection of pictures that relates to his favourite songs. I knew we had achieved an important step in finding other ways to continue to help our members develop. In their social interaction and expressive skills. As we can see in photo 2168, he was singing Islands In The Stream, and photo 2170, I Heard It Through The Grapevine.

singing Islands 1
singing grapevine

In photos 2171,2172, I Believe I Can Fly.

I can fly 1
I can fly 2

To see how members would react to this ‘new’ idea, the pictures were drawn for them. What we are now going to work towards, is to encourage them to do their own pictures that they would like to use.

Our Sounds Of Music and Music Express groups are relaxed and fun, with structure, which is having positive outcomes. Helping to develop social and communication skills, and bringing out their musical talents in different ways. By having small groups allows each person to be themselves, and progress at their own pace which is very important.

Over the coming months another idea is being introduced. We are going to have a camera and screen. This will enable our members to see themselves on a screen as they are singing or doing expressions/actions to their songs. Our aim is to build their confidence by looking at themselves. We are also going to use the equipment to help our members play musical instruments. Visual aids is a way forward to continue help our members to enjoy music in a variety of forms. People with autism and learning disabilities do respond very well to pictures and visual aids, as it can be a great help with communication and expressing their wants and needs.

Uniquely Me & U are excited about our new idea of using visual equipment and the positive outcomes we are confident it will have. Being a small group is very important and allows our volunteers and members to learn from each other and to keep moving forward, which is always our aim.

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