Music Express Update to December 2019

Expressing the music

Our Music Express group has been developing in a very positive way. The introduction of the camera and screen, or ‘television’ as members relate to it as. Is proving to be extremely beneficial in building their confidence.

The idea of encouraging them to draw/paint their own pictures to display when singing, is going very well. Photos below (Click to View).

In photos below, our member has painted a mask to wear while singing the Tom Jones song What’s New Pussycat. This is good progress from doing pictures. He is thinking of the lyrics and picking up on words to further help him to express himself and give him confidence when singing. In photo below, he enjoys wearing a tiger mask when singing Tiger Feet. Props that continue to develop their decision making and confidence skills.

Helping members to express themselves in different ways by wearing masks or doing actions to songs is proving to have positive outcomes. In photos 3328,3335. This member is doing actions to a James Bond film. Being autistic, can be very difficult in making connections between ‘make believe’ and reality.

By developing at his own pace, and being able to see himself wearing masks, displaying pictures he has chosen to draw. Through expression in these ways, are encouraging him to build on his own ideas on how he wants to enjoy music.

Expressing the musicIn photo on the right, we can see how happy this member is doing actions/movements to her song.

In photos below, Members are enjoying themselves without feeling restricted. We can see their different actions/movements and facial expressions change as they listen to their songs.

In our previous blog, I mentioned we were encouraging them to sing together. To build on teamwork and communication skills. Photos below.

Giving members the opportunity to try a variety of instruments is enabling them to enjoy music and feel part of the group. Photos below.

Our member who is progressing playing the keyboard, is now able to show others. Photos below. Which is wonderful teamwork.

We had a birthday to celebrate. Photos below. She was happy and surprised as we sang Happy Birthday and she blew out the candles. Our member who is autistic, has been making steady progress and interacting more in the group. We kept the occasion calm and simple, so as not to overwhelm her. She enjoyed it very much.
Uniquely Me & U consider how our members react and what they like/dislike, to help them enjoy being part of the group. Being a small group enables us to do this.

After singing Happy Birthday to her and getting ready to finish the group. She made a big step forward in her social skills, which was unexpected, but made me realise Uniquely Me & U is having positive outcomes.

I will expand further in my end of year update.

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