Music Improves Skills and Confidence

Jonathan playing drums

It has been a very enjoyable month at our music group meetings. We have seen our members growing in confidence and enjoying helping each other and encouraging each other, which is tremendous progress. Their choice in music is becoming varied now, as our members are discovering new songs during the time before out meetings and ready to show their different choices of music/songs. This wonderful to see as it shows our members are thinking about our meetings and ‘planning’ what they would like to do, which is demonstrating their progress and choosing how they want the session to go. Also, over the last few weeks some of our members have been trying out other musical instruments and found out how much they enjoy them. One member tried playing the guitar and liked it very much. This is showing how confidence is growing and moving onto other instruments. This member had the opportunity to show the Mayor his keyboard skills in March when the Mayor came to visit our group. Another member had a wonderful time when we had offer of a set of drums to use at our music group, and some other interesting musical instruments. This member had a brilliant time playing the drums, which had not done before and was playing along with members playing the keyboard. Together they were making their ‘own’ music, and it was a lovely sound. It was nice to see them working together to ‘make music’ as a group/team. We are now looking to purchasing our own set of drums to give our members the opportunity to further their enjoyment/progress and continue developing their team work.

The music group/social meetings is having good positive outcomes, whilst developing confidence and social skills enjoying expressing themselves through an activity they all enjoy and look forward to.

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