Sounds of Music May-July 2019


Our Sounds of Music group has been developing in a very positive way. In our previous blog I mentioned how we were encouraging members to connect their songs with pictures of their choice. This idea had been accepted by our members. They now enjoy creating a variety of art that relate to their songs. Photos 2650,2640,2626,2624,2586. Click/tap on photos to enlarge.

I also mentioned in our previous blog, we were going to help with reading skills, again this will connect the lyrics to the songs, and improve speech. In photo 2568 above, this member has drawn the name of the singer Tina Turner, she is singing to. She also likes to use her phone when singing. As mentioned before, by trying to follow the words on her phone, is making her rush the song to keep up. By encouraging her to write out the lyrics, it will be easier for her to follow the words, and look up, instead of down at her phone. Photos 2687,2686,2690,2691.

Another member who is making amazing progress, and showing enthusiasm for trying different musical instruments. Photos 2775,2937,2947.

We are encouraging members to try playing a variety of instruments. Photos 2951,2932 above.

In photos 2814,2815,2816 below, this member is learning the basic letters for the keyboard. He is so pleased at having the opportunity for the first time to play on one. Photos 2823,2824.

By having the opportunity to explore different instruments and sounds. Our members are finding out what they like. This is also improving their listening skills.

Moving forward with another idea is, we are going to help them to try and identify the musical instruments they hear being played to their favourite songs. Again, helping them to connect and improve their listening skills, and dexterity using different instruments. Developing their talents and enjoying music in a variety of ways.

Uniquely Me & U is having positive outcomes. Being small groups, our members can develop at their own pace.

We are going to hold another session on one Saturday in a month, starting 21st September 2019, time is 1.00pm till 3.00pm. Anyone interested. Please contact me on mobile: 07949873314

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