Sounds of Music Update to December 2019

Music and movement

Over the months we have been encouraging members with reading lyrics to their songs. This is helping them with timing, and not rushing through the songs.

Lyrics on screenIn photo on the right, this member who likes to use her mobile phone, is following the lyrics on the screen. She is able to slow down and follow the song. When she uses her mobile phone, she rushes the words to keep up and doesn’t get to enjoy her songs. The idea of reading lyrics from the screen is being accepted slowly.

We are also encouraging them to use actions/movements to songs. By listening to the words. Picking out the sound of different instruments being played and connecting with them. Photos below (Click to Enlarge).

Members singing together is building their teamwork skills. Photos below. They motivate each other in their actions/movements.

Exploring a variety of musical instruments has given them the opportunity to find out what sounds they like. The feel of different instruments improves dexterity. Photos below.

The keyboard is very popular with member. They are being encouraged and shown the basic letters, and where they go on the keyboard. The first step we use is getting them to draw round their hand, and put the correct letter on each finger and thumb. Photos below. Members are using different size keyboards, and helping each other.

Our member who is progressing well on the keyboard, is playing and showing others songs he has been learning. Photos below. This is another positive way to encourage teamwork, and to work at each other’s pace too.

In photos below, members are happy to be singing together.

Our new volunteer Helen, is getting to know about the musical instruments members like playing. Photo below. Helen also took the opportunity to sing along with them. And being shown how to play some tunes on the keyboard.

By expressing themselves through movements is continuing to be enjoyed by members. Photos below.

Song titleOur member who is getting used to remembering her lyrics, is singing along and watching a video to it on the screen. She has written the title to display. Photo on the right.

Uniquely Me & U is continuing to develop and help members with their self expression skills, through actions/movements, pictures, masks, props and reading skills. By working on these areas, will improve their enjoyment of music and singing, and bring out their hidden talents by exploring a variety of musical instruments.

There has been amazing progress and new ideas coming forward. I will expand further in my end of year update.
Sounds of Music group is now held on Saturdays 1.00pm till 3.00pm

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