Thats good Yvonne. Im happy it appears to be helping him and yourself. He is a very special soul. As are you! I looked at your website. I was moved to tears with your story.
– Julie Barratt, 20th March 2019

Ok here’s my impression:
Seeing the UniquelyU website helped me to get an understanding about how the group’s fun activities; compassionately supports adults with a variety of disabilities.
To recognise the significance of how music and art can be used as an effective mode of communication and for each individual to be able to participate in some way is fantastic.
The encouraging nature of the group’s facilitator, Yvonne Sanderson and her team under her caring guidance and unwavering vision; the overall focus is on their happiness, personal development and general social interactivity.
Providing a creative environment to stimulate and support these adults on so many levels; enhancing all five physical senses (VAKOG).
Music and Art are universally appreciated as a common connector for all humans, which enables a mutual experience and a platform for learning.
Seeing the videos of the group in ‘full swing’ helps to get an idea of what actually goes on in the sessions and shows the passion and willingness of those involved. This is undoubtedly important for anyone considering whether this is the ideal group to service their needs.
Testimonials/reviews from a variety of people are always key to helping others evaluate the service being offered.
Reading the ‘back story’ about the Founder, Yvonne Sanderson, is a heart warming experience and provides an honest account on her ‘why’. This is essential for the ‘wider circles’, to know about the person responsible for setting up this type of initiative; it engenders trust
SG, Meta-Well-Being, Derbyshire

Dear Uniquely Me and U
My daughter who is a 24 year old autistic person has been attending the art group which is held on every Tuesday in Tamworth. She was very quiet to start with but was made very welcome and now will ask every week to go.
She has made at least ten new friends which she sees each week and has become more social and vocal with them talking about different art items and other social activities they all do. They have learned all types of art activities and had an art show last September this year and met lots of new people and was talking to them about her art. This was a very big thing for her.
The group helps her have an interest which helps her communicate and interact within a situation known to her that is safe. Also offers her a friendly calm atmosphere for her to freely socialise with new friends.
– L P

J is 51 years old and has physical and learning disabilities. Previously, J had attended a Community Cafe on a Thursday afternoon for several years, supported by her Personal Assistant (PA) and accompanied by her house mate.

J’s PA was keen to find a new activity for her to try, as the Cafe sessions were becoming very repetitive and she was not engaged. J came along to the ‘Uniquely Me and U’ music group on a Thursday and enjoyed it so much that she has been attending every week for over two months.

In the short period of time J has been coming to the group, I have noticed her confidence increase significantly and she has made lots of new friends. She has enjoyed listening to music and singing along to her favourite songs. J loves to dance and is no stranger to the dance floor during the session. She especially likes dancing to ‘The Twist’ and singing along to songs from the Sixties. Everyone is made to feel welcome within a relaxed and informal environment.

J said “I look forward to coming to the group as everyone is so happy and friendly. I enjoy the singing and dancing and have lots of fun!”.
– Julie Ravell (Personal Assistant) December 2017

Music Group Testimony
F has been coming to Uniquely Me and U for the last few months.
In that time I have watched her grow in confidence. Before coming to this group she attended a larger group and never felt brave enough to join in with the singing and dancing.
Yvonne, who runs the group, has a special gift in encouraging everyone to join in with the singing and dancing without them feeling self conscious.
F loves coming each Thursday and really looks forward to it. Her face lights up when we tell her it is the afternoon for Uniquely Me and U.
– Carol R.E.