The Mayor’s Visit to Uniquely Me & U

Mayor in #group photo

Tuesday 12th November, 2019

 Our members were very excited about the Mayor of Tamworth Richard Kingstone, visiting us. Although, Tuesday is our art session. Members who come to our Sounds of Music group too, were going to demonstrate their musical skills for the Mayor.

We displayed a variety of art, and equipment that our members have the opportunity to explore.

When the Mayor arrived. He could see the colourful display of art, and talked with members about what they like to draw and paint. He was very interested in finding out about their chosen ideas of creative art, and how they are enjoying themselves.

He was shown how we are encouraging their technology skills by a member who sat with the Mayor to create her own picture on the computer and print it out for the Mayor to take.

Two of our members who come to our Sounds of Music group, sang some songs they had been practising. The Mayor was very interested in the equipment they were able to set up. A camera and screen, that they relate to as a ‘television’. I explained how successful the equipment has been in helping their confidence, communication skills and eye contact. People with autism/learning disabilities have difficulties with.

We are always striving to find new ideas that will continue to encourage those skills. The Mayor was interested in how the members were learning their songs. Using a tablet and having the lyrics printed out. I explained how we encourage their reading skills, which helps them to enjoy singing their songs.

The Mayor was given a demonstration of two of our members keyboard skills.

With the support of Chris Keys Piano, members who choose to play the keyboard are given the opportunity to enjoy playing music they like and to bring out their hidden talents.

One member who is progressing well, is now able to show other members who are just learning. This is building their teamwork, which is wonderful to see.
Uniquely Me & U strive to help members to bring out their talents, in a safe and happy environment, at their own pace.

I was very pleased that the Mayor also commented on how important that is. Being a teacher, he understood our members can achieve, and learn in different ways and environment.

The visit went very well, and the Mayor could see how happy our members are, and the positive outcomes Uniquely Me & U is having.

The Mayor has very kindly invited us to visit him at the Town Hall, in the new year.
Our group is looking forward to seeing him again.

Photos of the visit – please click to enlarge:

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