Report on the Open Day – 30th September 2017

Hall & Visitors

Our Open Day that our members were looking forward to went very well.

We wanted to show the community how our members enjoyed singing to their favourite songs, and the creative art they have completed.

Whilst trying to combine both for the open day, took a great deal of planning. Taking into account their individual disabilities and possible problems that may cause upset for them. The day went extremely well. It was enjoyed very much be everyone.

Painting a flowerOne member wanted to be completing art on the day. She coped very well the whole time.

To help her cope with being amongst a lot of ‘new faces’, we placed her table away from the audience so she could see the members she knew singing,and being part of the day.

She managed to finish several paintings, and enjoyed people going over to where she was and complimenting on her paintings.

A photographer from our local newspaper took several photos of the members, which they liked. The report went into the Tamworth Herald the following Thursday.

Members who chose to sing, gave a wonderful performance too. Singing their favourite songs was enjoyed very much by everyone.

The progress in their confidence throughout the day was amazing. Our singers had been trying to remember the words to their songs during the time leading up to the open day. They did extremely well, as they didn’t use the lyrics at all.

Encouragement and prompting from people they knew, helped them to deliver a wonderful performance.

The creative art was displayed around the room enabling the audience to see what variety and colourful art had been completed by our group, whilst listening to music.

Uniquely Me and U is becoming known in our community, and has been supported by the former Mayor of Tamworth Ken Norchi. He came to the open day with his mother, who are always welcome.

Tamworth Herald_Open Day Article

Tamworth Herald – Open Day Article

We thank all the helpers and carers who made our day a sucess.
Since the Open Day we have had several new members join our art and music group.

Here are some images from the Open Day:

Uniquely Cake

Uniquely Me and U cake baked by Kate – delicious!

Cutting the Cake

Cutting the cake

Painting a Flower

Painting a Flower


Previously created paintings

Raffle Prizes

Raffle Prizes


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