Sounds of Music Group – Dec 2018 to Feb 2019

notes and lyrics

After the musical show in September 2018, which was enjoyed very much by our members. We decided to make some changes, to help develop members. We were going to spend time helping them to connect their favourite songs to the lyrics/words. This would encourage confidence, speech and reading skills. Enabling members to sing more clearly.

Progressing on keyboard 1


We are also encouraging them to use a variety of musical instruments. In photos 2039,2040,2041. This member is progressing and recognising musical notes, and is now able to play some songs from a beginners keyboard book.
progressing on keyboard 2
progressing on keyboard 3
learning letters and keys


In photo2043, our new members needs help with the letters, and has coloured in some letters he is learning to play on the keyboard, see photos 2046,2047, and he is happy with his achievements.

happy on keyboard 1
Happy on keyboard 2

In photos 2059,2063, another way of helping him , was to draw round his hands, which he enjoyed doing. He learning to use his right and left hand, and is making very good progress.

drawing key hands 1
drawing key hands 2

Another new member is clearly happy to sing on her own, photo2104, and is very keen to try different instruments photo2106. In photo2105 this new member is being encouraged to sing along to his favourite song, and feeling pleased with himself after doing that, see photo2107.

Singing and playing 1
Singing and playing 2
Singing and playing 3
Singing and playing 4

Giving our members the opportunity to try a range of musical instruments, they are finding which ones they like, and helping them to express themselves through music in their own way. in photo 2110, this member is playing on the electric drums for the first time, and being encouraged by his support worker. In photo 2111 another member playing on the drums.

Member Drumming
another drummer

Our Sounds of Music Group is structured in a happy and relaxed way, enabling our members to develop their skills using a range of musical instruments , and connecting songs to lyrics, and helping to improve their reading skills.

Uniquely Me &U is moving forward and learning all the time from our members, and finding ways to encourage them to progress. By being a small group we are able to give the time needed, which is having positive outcomes.

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