Library Art Display and Framing – Art Group July 2017


Our art group have been busy preparing for our art exhibition In September 2017.

We have also been invited by our local library in Tamworth to display our members creative art. This is a wonderful opportunity to show the community what our members are achieving in our art group on Tuesday mornings.

An example of our member’s art can be seen in the photo of a vase of flowers. By using material chosen by our member, who decided to make a surround of curtains. As you can see how the curtains transforms the whole painting. Completing the finishing touch was enjoyed very much by the member.

Curtain on Painting


Also by using black frames on the Egyptian paintings in photos below has made them look very effective.

Egyptian Dog and Human
Egyptian with Wings


This is seen on the display wall at the library in the photo below.

On library wall


Angel_Glass_FrameTo add a different effect to another painting of an angel, using a glass frame helps the picture to stand out in the plain background.


In the photo below, one of our members is starting to work on her painting of a tiger. She likes painting animals, and using bright vibrant colours. The finished painting is shown by the side.

In progress and finished

Another example of using vibrant colours can be seen in the photo below and the finished painting next to it.

Painting working and finished

We are trying to make the art different and interesting by choosing frames or edges for displaying. Our member who did Rooftops in photo  chose a thin black edged frame. The frame helps the rooftops to stand out and shows the detail of the picture. It took our member a number of weeks of very careful hand and eye co-ordination to complete.



In the photo of the Three Wise Men. The plain white edged frame helps to show up the lovely colours used in the painting, chosen by the member.

Our member whose hobby is steam trains painted a train on board in photo below. It is from a different perspective, chosen by the member as is the colours too. It looks interesting on the board without needing a frame or edging.

All of the group’s creative art is going to be on display at the local Tamworth library, and will be changed every few weeks as other pieces of art is completed and ready to display.

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